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Mastering Stress with Alphabiotics

Most of life’s challenges today are stress related. The problem is that for years, we have been responding to stress inappropriately. The Alphabiotic alignment process allows both hemispheres of the brain to function together in a whole brain, or integrated way.

The human brain and our nervous system are remarkable mechanisms that work in a priority way. Their number one priority is to maintain structural and metabolic functions of the body.

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Meet Alice Dell

Alice Dell

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Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Your Best

Your body is designed to be well on every level. My goal is to support you in reaching your highest potential and to empower you to create a vibrant and healthy life.

My own journey has brought me to a place where I want to share my knowledge and abilities to assist others. I have discovered a wide range of information and developed many skills; from my degree in nutrition and certification in Alphabiotics, to working with physicians, healers, spiritual guides, and other teachers.

I would be honored to assist you to ALIGN WITH LIFE and reclaim balance.

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Alphabiotic Alignment

Alphabiotics “brings you home,” to re-connect to your innermost essence and bring all aspects of your life into balance and harmony. 

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Empower U Sessions

Sessions provide support and tools designed to consciously direct the flow of universal laws into form, creating opportunities and abundance in one’s life.

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Recent Testimonials

Maria Gomez, Sedona, AZ

I am thrilled to say, these Alphabiotic sessions with Alice leaves me feeling less stressed & mentally & emotionally balanced. Areas of my life that I thought of as sad, no longer felt sad to me & I realized I started to perceive life in a more connected but detached way. More connected to understanding what my Heart feels & more of a disconnect from other people’s problems, while still feeling compassion for them & their situation. Thank You Alice for your authenticity, knowledge & Love that you bring to each session! I highly recommend Alice & her Alphabiotic sessions for anyone who is experiencing any type of stress mentally, emotionally or physically

Tina Campbell, Sedona , AZ

I am amazed at the grace and love Alice exudes during her sessions. There is a feeling of being totally supported, safe and emotionally grounded...incredibly there is this wonderful sensation of well being RIGHT after each session. Sessions are deeply relaxing! Shortly after beginning Alphabiotic sessions with Alice an unexpected emotional upheaval appeared in my life. To my surprise I felt like a shift had occurred allowing me to be more present and not in reaction mode. I was able to feel without going into the drama. I credit Alice's Alphabiotic sessions for this remarkable shift. Thank you Alice, you truly are an exceptional loving being. I highly recommend sessions with her.

John Farris, Sedona , AZ

I had not heard of Alphabiotics before, and had no idea the profound results that occurred from her work... I did not realize that I was stuck in fight or flight mode. The technique is sublime but profound ...To feel relaxed is one thing but to feel a relaxed peace in everyday life is a deep transformation in my life.

Kuldip S. Khalsa, NMT, NY,NY

Alphabiotics has made a huge impact on my growth both emotionally and spiritually. The subtle effects after an alignment create a lightness of being and an expanded awareness. Alice is masterful at administering an Alphabiotic alignment. I can really feel her connection to the work and her pure and conscious intention. I am forever grateful.

Perry Stroika , Sedona, AZ

Alice Dell is one of the most selfless people I am honored to know in my life, and it is with no act of sacrifice that she gives of herself in this way when practicing Alphabiotics. Her balanced, integrous, and supportive treatment methodology are relaxing for me immediately upon entering her space, and it continues throughout the entirety of an Alphabiotic session and followup. The style of kinesiological treatment that is Alphabiotics, being one that I prefer and resonate with more than most body work, has assisted me in developing a unique awareness sense of personal embodiment whilst also directly & indirectly assisting me in unwinding both subtle and overt stress buildup within my body. I find it greatly satisfying to see Alice practice Alphabiotics, because it is when seeing this that I realize that Alice comes alive with a passion to help people come more into themselves. She is committed to teaching in as much as she is committed to the learning involved in such teaching, and this is a trait that speaks to her being such a talented and gifted conveyor of healing that I have ever known.

Kendra Mark, Sedona, AZ

I live in a body with a curved spine. It communicates to me the importance of the balance between structure and fluidity, intention and surrender. As a result, I have chosen to be diligent about taking care of my body in ways that prevent the curvature in my spine from advancing. Alphabiotics is one of the most effective modalities I experience to support the multi-dimensional (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) alignment that my system requires in order to function optimally. I leave every session feeling like the intrinsic circuitry between my body and my brain are so much more synchronized than before. As each session builds upon the previous sessions, I notice my body’s increased receptivity and ability to maintain the alignments. Alice’s ability to create a field of loving presence, grounded-ness, and confidence in her work clearly shows her passion and resonance for supporting deep healing within the practice of Alphabiotics. I am grateful.

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