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Mastering Stress with Alphabiotics

Most of life’s challenges today are stress related. The problem is that for years, we have been responding to stress inappropriately. The Alphabiotic alignment process allows both hemispheres of the brain  to function together in a whole brain, or integrated way.

The human brain and our nervous system are remarkable mechanisms that work in a priority way. Their number one priority is to maintain structural and metabolic functions of the body.

Alice Dell


Your body is designed to be well on every level. My goal is to support you in reaching your highest potential and to empower you to create a vibrant and healthy life.

My own journey has brought me to a place where I want to share my knowledge and abilities to assist others.  I have discovered a wide range of information and developed many skills; from my degree in nutrition and certification in Alphabiotics, to working with physicians, healers, spiritual guides, and other teachers.

I would be honored to assist you to ALIGN WITH LIFE and reclaim balance.

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Alphabiotics “brings you home,” to re-connect to your innermost essence and bring all aspects of your life into balance and harmony. 

Services and Pricing

Bookings now available in single and package pricing.


Sessions provide support and tools designed to consciously direct the flow of universal laws into form, creating opportunities and abundance in one’s life.


I am thrilled to say, these Alphabiotic sessions with Alice leaves me feeling less stressed & mentally & emotionally balanced. Areas of my life that I thought of as sad, no longer felt sad to me & I realized I started to perceive life in a more connected but detached way. More connected to understanding what my Heart feels & more of a disconnect from other people’s problems, while still feeling compassion for them & their situation. Thank You Alice for your authenticity, knowledge & Love that you bring to each session! I highly recommend Alice & her Alphabiotic sessions for anyone who is experiencing any type of stress mentally, emotionally or physically 

Maria Gomez

Sedona, AZ

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