Mastering Stress with Alphabiotics

Most of life’s challenges today are stress related. The problem is that for years, we have been responding to stress inappropriately. The Alphabiotic alignment process allows both hemispheres of the brain to function together in a whole brain, or integrated way.

The human brain and our nervous system are remarkable mechanisms that work in a priority way. Their number one priority is to maintain structural and metabolic functions of the body.

Equally as phenomenal, is the wisdom of the body. We are born into this world as incredible beings – untainted and pure in every aspect. Unfortunately, with poor parenting, emotional distress and other factors, most children are locked into an inappropriate stress state by the time they reach the age of five.

When the body perceives danger, the wisdom of the body is prepared to gear all energies to maintaining balance and homeostasis within the body. We shift into a stress state.

What happens in the body? With impending danger near, we lateralize hemispherically in our brain. One side of our body becomes selectively weak and the other side excessively tense.

We are crouched down ready for battle. All our energy is focused outward, ready for fight, flight, or freeze. This is OK for a short period of time, but is not OK to stay in this state for an extended period of time.

Alphabiotics directly assists the process of maintaining whole brain integration. This communication process-allows the wisdom of the body to maintain homeostasis within the body on all levels.

Looking deeper at what happens to the body during a stress response, we learn that not only do we lateralize hemispherically, but we also lock into our dominant brain hemisphere which has a tremendous effect on our maintaining equilibrium.

Each side of the body controlled by each hemisphere reacts differently. The side of the body controlled by the dominant hemisphere becomes very tense and rigid. It’s like having a mini-stroke. And, the side of the body controlled by the passive hemisphere becomes very weak and docile.

Dr. George Goodheart proved in 1964 that weakness always precedes tension. This has great significance, considering the human body is 70% muscle tissue.

Further, losing muscular balance allows the anatomical structure of the body to be altered. The muscles in the lower back on the overly tight side pull the hip up and cause the leg on that side to appear short. This also creates untold amount of extra weight on the other leg as well as spinal distortion.

It has also been proven that, structure alters function, which translates to an array of other bodily imbalances. Our nervous system is compromised, cell division and multiplication is altered, and ultimately, there is a disruption of our “life expression” – living at 100% potential.

What does it mean to be Alphabiotically In Balance or Out of Balance?

When you are IN BALANCE, you are in touch with your own inner source of creativity, inspiration, and power. You are inner actualized and are able to truly embrace who you are. Shifts start to happen from within your inner most being, from the inside out.

Physically, there is increased strength, less tension and better overall balance. Mentally, a renewed sense of calm and peacefulness become apparent. Because you are inner directed, there is less negative self-talk and more self¬appreciation and love. (It was proven some years ago by two-time Nobel Prize Laureate, Alexis Carrel, that 95% of our self-talk is negative.)

Overall, you experience better self-esteem. Finally, as you become more in touch with the infinite wisdom of your own body, spiritually .. rewards are never ending. We become empowered to be more aware, self-responsible and in alignment with life – embracing who we are and acknowledging our connection to our higher self.

To be OUT OF BALANCE, is to be partially separated from who we are, or our inner wisdom.
External, tension will exist on one side of the body, while also producing brain lateralization to the dominant hemisphere, and thus an inappropriate stress state. While one side of the body is congested and contracted, the other side is overly passive and very weak. We slip down into mid-level brain function, locking into the reptilian brain or the limbic system. Energy is shifted into a back area of the brain called the locus coeruleus, which deals directly with survival.

Recently, it was also found that not only does to locus coeruleus have to do with fight or flight, but also is the place where we store all the negative “no’s”, “don’ts”, and “cant’s” from early childhood. The average child today hears the words, “no”, “don’t” and “can’t” 25 more times than “yes”, “do”, and “wonderful”.

This pattern of negative thinking can stay with us as we reach adulthood, especially if we are locked into lower brain function. Too much time is spent wavering between past time and future time. There is constant fear about what will happen next, energy focused outward, ready for battle.

The Alphabiotics process can help move a person out of that energy wasting stress state into a high level (human) brain function and stay there for days. In this positive, whole brain state, one is able to look at situations in a detailed and inner actualized way. Present time awareness unfolds and we are able to function from within, from the inside out.

The fundamental Alphabiotic principle to which there is no exception is ,”If you can exist biomechanically out of balance, with excessive tension and reactive weakness, then obviously, you can life better, in balance, with strength and less tension.”

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