Kendra Mark, Sedona, AZ

I live in a body with a curved spine. It communicates to me the importance of the balance between structure and fluidity, intention and surrender. As a result, I have chosen to be diligent about taking care of my body in ways that prevent the curvature in my spine from advancing. Alphabiotics is one of the most effective modalities I experience to support the multi-dimensional (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) alignment that my system requires in order to function optimally.

I leave every session feeling like the intrinsic circuitry between my body and my brain are so much more synchronized than before. As each session builds upon the previous sessions, I notice my body’s increased receptivity and ability to maintain the alignments. Alice’s ability to create a field of loving presence, grounded-ness, and confidence in her work clearly shows her passion and resonance for supporting deep healing within the practice of Alphabiotics. I am grateful.