Perry Stroika , Sedona, AZ

Alice Dell is one of the most selfless people I am honored to know in my life, and it is with no act of sacrifice that she gives of herself in this way when practicing Alphabiotics. Her balanced, integrous, and supportive treatment methodology are relaxing for me immediately upon entering her space, and it continues throughout the entirety of an Alphabiotic session and followup. The style of kinesiological treatment that is Alphabiotics, being one that I prefer and resonate with more than most body work, has assisted me in developing a unique awareness sense of personal embodiment whilst also directly & indirectly assisting me in unwinding both subtle and overt stress buildup within my body. I find it greatly satisfying to see Alice practice Alphabiotics, because it is when seeing this that I realize that Alice comes alive with a passion to help people come more into themselves. She is committed to teaching in as much as she is committed to the learning involved in such teaching, and this is a trait that speaks to her being such a talented and gifted conveyor of healing that I have ever known.